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The Affordable Care Act:
What does it mean to you?

The Affordable Care Act is now law,
and open enrollment is closed.

The Marketplace will reopen for enrollment on November 15, 2014
and will remain open until February 15, 2015.

Contact a CAC for more information.


Alabama residents are now able to shop through an online Marketplace to compare insurance rates and choose an insurance plan. Plans for the QOLHS service area are available through BlueCross and BlueShield. Dental insurance plans are available from BlueCross/BlueShield, Humana, Delta Dental, Dentegra Dental and BEST Life.


The new insurance plans are required to provide free preventive care and lifetime limits on essential care cannot be set by an insurance company. PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS WILL BE COVERED UNDER THE NEW HEALTH PLANS. A variety of plans are available including:

Catastrophic Plans- covering less than 60% of eligible expenses;

Bronze Plans- covering 60% of eligible expenses;

Silver Plans- covering 70% of eligible expenses;

Gold Plans- covering 80% of eligible expenses; and,

Platinum Plans- covering 90% of eligible expenses.

Each of these plans covers a wide range of essential health benefits including:
Ambulatory Patient Services       Prescription Drugs
Emergency Services                    Rehabilitation Services
Hospitalization                               Laboratory Services
Maternity Care                               Preventive Care
Mental Health                                 Pediatric Services


Tax credits will make insurance more affordable for those with incomes up to four times that of the Federal Poverty Rate (determined by household size and income). Small businesses and non-profits are not required to start providing insurance right away; however, tax credits of 35 % for non-profits and 50 % for small businesses can make it affordable now.


At Quality of Life, our staff is trained to assist individuals in obtaining more information about securing insurance under the Affordable Care Act and in navigating the online Marketplace. Representatives are standing by to assist you. Contact any of the assisters listed below or email us at: to set up an appointment for assistance. The enrollment assistance staff is also available for presentations to community groups, clubs, churches, schools or other groups. To schedule a speaker for your group, please contact a member of our program staff.

Michelle Funderburg
Health Care Innovations Supervisor
(Enrollment Assistance Coordinator)
ext. 5033

Debra Foster
Certified Application

Adrienne Reed
Certified Application
ext. 5027

Haley Wofford
Certified Application
ext. 3112

Dennis Wright
Certified Application
ext. 4508

Wesley McGhee
Consumer Assister

Paul McWhorter
Consumer Assister
ext. 3810

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